Thank you for considering the 132nd Virtual Wing as your choice for a DCS virtual wing! Below you will find the requirements needed and an overview of the application process. For questions about the application process or a pending application, please contact us at 132ndvirtualwing@gmail.com or talk to the command staff in TeamSpeak or on Discord.

We are a Norwegian-based organization. To avoid high ping, we are currently only recruiting members from within +/- 2 hours from the GMT+1 timezone. Anyone within this timezone is welcome to apply to the 132nd that meets the minimum requirements below. We run regularly scheduled training flights on wednsdays at 1900UTC (Zulutime) (2000 Norwegian local time/Bravotime) and combat missions on Sundays at 1900UTC, but other events, including casual pick-up flights can happen at every day at any time. Bottom line, if you want to fly the DCS series realisticly while still having some fun, the you are welcome to join the 132nd Virtual Wing.

At the top is an overview of the 132nd training program and our rules and regulations. Please read those before applying, especially the welcome letter. Once accepted you, you will gain access to the wing's Standard Operations Procedures (SOP), and your desired squadron's SOP and training material. Our SOPs outline the procedures we follow when we fly online.

Currently we accept both experienced and inexperienced pilots for 132nd Virtual Wing. Because of this our training program is set up with the possibility to self-qualify certain parts of the program, while certain training lessons are mandatory to conduct with an instructor. We higly recomend new members to use self-qualify as much as possible, to free up Instructor time to the mandatory flights. However all instructors are ready to help with any lesson students are struggling with

High Level Overview of Application Process

  • Read this page
  • Read the rules and regulations on the links at the top of the page
  • If what you read is matching your expectations, navigate to the bottom of this page, and press apply here
  • Complete an application using the link at the bottom of this page
  • Get full access to our website and wiki, study our official documents and SOPs.
  • Enter the training program (TRP) overview on the website. Selfqualify on the tracks/lessons you master
  • Sign up for your first IQT flight, and select the training lesson to be flown.
  • Sign on to teamspeak and talk with the guys.
  • Fly IQT and MQT and earn your wings to fly together with us on missions


  • Realism: We want members who are dedicated to playing DCS like the full-fledged combat simulator that it is. Our main emphasis is simulation, realism and immersion, as we believe that the most fun in DCS can be achieved when all members do their best to simulate flying an aircraft in a combat environment, at least as far as that can be achieved behind a computer.
  • Training: All new members must be willing to enroll and complete our Initial Qualification Training (IQT) and Mission Qualification Training (MQT) program. IQT is mandatory to join any casual pick-up flights within the 132nd Virtual Wing. This is to ensure that new members are set up correctly, understand our SOP's and know the basics on how to fly the aircraft in an 132nd setting. MQT are mandatory to participate in any of our formal events, and is required for signup on events on the website. This is to ensure that new members understand our SOP's and know how to perform combat missions in an 132nd setting.
  • Skills: No previous flight simulator skill are required at this point. This may change in the future, depending on the roster and Instructor Pilot (IP) avalibility. If you are not experienced we expect you to as a minimum fly the ingame training missions in order for us to use the time with an instructor as much as possible, and to minimze the time for you to complete IQT and MQT and to start flying combatmissions with us.
  • Language: You should have a decent handle on the english language. English will be used as the official language during multiplayer events.
  • Hardware: Your PC must meet the minimum requirements for DCS. Users with PC specs below the minimum can adversely impact our multiplayer flights.
  • Install: You must be willing to use a DCS install that meets the 132nd Virtual Wing standard install guide.
  • Age: We do not have a set age restriction, however we do expect our members to be both mature and reliable. If a trainee shows during training toward becoming a MQT qualified pilot that he or she does not match these criteria, we reserve the right to not accept this person as a member.
  • Timezone/Location: Due to practical reasons and concerns about latency/ping, you should not live far from our home server, which is currently located in Oslo, Norway. What constitutes "far" depends on a lot of things, but generally you should be within ± 2 hours from the GMT+1 (Norwegian) time zone and your latency should not exceed 150ms. If in doubt, ask any of our command staff on the Teamspeak server and we will perform a benchmark of your latency.

About the application

  • Please answer all questions accurately and honestly
  • Please select a callsign that is not already in use. Do not include numbers or special characters in the callsign. A callsign should be easy to understand and pronounce. Make sure your callsign is not a operational brevity word, such as Rifle, Tally, Remington, Bingo etc.. this can impact flight comms. We reserve the right to request a different callsign should you request a callsign not meeting these requirements
  • When submitting your application, please include which squadron you want to take part of.
  • After submitting the application, please join us on teamspeak and talk with us
  • When approved access to the website, please visit the forums and introduce yourself

After you've applied

  • When we receive your application we will take for granted that you pass all the requirements outlined above.
  • Once accepted you will be given access to our website and wiki, and you will recive a welcome letter from the 132nd team. (Tip: Add this address to your contact list, so emails from us don't end up in your spamfolder: NOMSG:address )
  • Study all 132nd Virtual Wing official documents. (link on top of this page, are availeble for registered members)
  • Go through the training program section on the website, and self-self qualify the training tracks you master with your skill level (If you are experienced with DCS).
  • As long as there are active trainees, 132nd will host IQT and MQT training missions. Our goal is that trainees can complete their IQT and MQT as soon as possible to be able to participate in "real" missions.
  • Go to the 132nd website, under Air Tasking Order (ATO) and look for training missions (hint: look for IQT and MQT). Sign up for a training mission and select the training lesson you request to fly during the mission, and write it in the commschatter if not already specified in the missionbrief
  • Meet up, on time on teamspeak and have a missionbrief with your instructor prior to conducting the training flight.
  • Once you have completed IQT training you are free to participate in casual pick-up flights with other 132nd Virtual Wing members on our dedicated server and our Teamspeak channel.

Once you have earned your wings

  • Congratulations! Welcome to the 132nd Virtual Wing as a full member! We hope you will settle in nicely in a great group of friends consisting of active and dedicated virtual pilots. Everyone who earns their wings at 132nd Virtual Wing is family and we look out for each other.
  • You can now participate in all flights and events. You can participate in events with other wings and represent the 132nd Virtual Wing.
  • You will receive you own signature which you can use on various forums to represent yourself and 132nd Virtual Wing.
  • After passing MQT you can submit a proposal for your own noseart which will then be fitted to your aircraft.

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