Welcome to the 132nd Virtual Wing!

132nd is a virtual wing for simulator pilots who fly the DCS series of simulations. We consist of a small group of dedicated DCS pilots from Europe. Our aim is to create a virtual wing where the focus is realistic simulation in a serious but friendly atmosphere.


@Chilts now IQT in the 617th
BEAST, off west..
@Bilgatus now IQT in the 617th
259th transporting troops
(Photo by @Yassy)
765th on a A-A and AAR training sortie.
(Photo by @Mosquito)
Congrats @Lion for the MQ status obtained this fine evening
(Photo @Hansolo)
OP Georgian Thunder #15-rerun
BEAR 8-2 (@Fudd) egressing after rocket attack during CSAR operation to extract a downed A-10C pilot. (Photo @DeeJay)
Our brand new squadron; the 765th taxiing to active
(Photo @David)
BEAR flight picking up JTAC WARRIOR and GFC COYOTE with troops.
Taken from GFC COYOTES POW during Operation Georgian Thunder Mission 15. (Photo @Mosquito)
@Mechanic now IQT
Mechanic now finished his Initial Qualification on the Warthog. Rock solid, Sir o7