Welcome to the 132nd Virtual Wing!

132nd is a virtual wing for simulator pilots who fly the DCS series of simulations. We consist of a small group of dedicated DCS pilots from Europe. Our aim is to create a virtual wing where the focus is realistic simulation in a serious but friendly atmosphere.


765th on a A-A and AAR training sortie.
(Photo by @Mosquito)
Congrats @Lion for the MQ status optioned this fine evening
(Photo @Hansolo)
OP Georgian Thunder #15-rerun
BEAR 8-2 (@Fudd) egressing after rocket attack during CSAR operation to extract a downed A-10C pilot. (Photo @DeeJay)
Our brand new squadron; the 765th taxiing to active
(Photo @David)
BEAR flight picking up JTAC WARRIOR and GFC COYOTE with troops.
Taken from GFC COYOTES POW during Operation Georgian Thunder Mission 15. (Photo @Mosquito)
@Mechanic now IQT
Mechanic now finished his Initial Qualification on the Warthog. Rock solid, Sir o7
4th 132nd Anniversary Meeting in Germany
This year the 132nd will again call their pilots from all over Europe to attend our 4th annual real life meeting, this year in Germany.
Huge thanks to all participants in OP GEORGIAN THUNDER 15!
Trollef and Level of the 617th, returning to base.
(Photo by @Hansolo)
617th preforming a formation takeoff
(Photo by @Trollef)