1900Z TUE 11FEB2020
Casual Event
Event host:Evilivan
Mission commander(s):Evilivan, Hansolo, Artur
HAWGA-10C132nd 617thTR7886
HAWG 1-1
Pilot: Evilivan
HAWG 1-2
Pilot: Hansolo
NAVYF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7895
NAVY 2-1
Pilot: Artur
1900Z CV USS StennisDep eastbound for Range 12.
2150Z CV USS Stennis
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
Took off from USS Stennis for Range 12. At range 12 started gun & unguided bombs delivery at T12.1. Next egress and back to the Carrier.
Before reaching the holding I had to refuel 1500 pounds of fuel from USS Stennis tanker to manage full CASE 2 recovery.

Lessons Learned
It was practice of TAC-21.
A good understanding how to deliver unguided bombs and use guns by A10 experience.
FURYF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7897
FURY 4-1
Pilot: Jaeger
1900Z OMAM (RWY31)Straight out IFR departure
2000Z CV Stennis
Primary objective: TR: metFlew to CV Stennis, joined the Marshall hold at angels 6 for the CASE II app followed by Case I recovery.