1900Z MON 10FEB2020
CASUAL-Night Time Carrier ops (ATRM) Persian Gulf
Event host:Entropy
SPECTREF-14B132nd 108th-RTR7877
Pilot: Entropy
1900Z OMAM (MANSA-2)
Primary objective: TR: metwe had at times 4 flights in the marshal stack, that was awesome. Airboss script worked like a charm
Event Sequence
CASE 1 and CASE 3 training with the 494th - met
Pilot: Bear
NEPTUNEF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7878
Pilot: Artur
1900Z OMAMDeparture RNW 13, left hand turn straight for USS Stennis
2130Z CV Stennis
Primary objective: TR: metTotally different experience flying with others instead alone.
Event Sequence
CASE I & III practice
Lessons Learned
Need to practice calls in landing stages especially in CASE II & III.
Other Feedback
Grate training ! Im looking for next one ;)
Pilot: Professor
1900Z OMAM (Stennis)
2130Z CV Stennis
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
3 x CASE I
not proud of my performance today.
Other Feedback
@Entropy: Thanks for hosting! @Artur: Thanks for taking me as WM!
TAZERF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7879
Pilot: Kimkiller
1930Z OMAMDid a VFR departure and it worked with NVG:s.
2040Z CV Stennis
Primary objective: TR: metTwo night traps is two night traps even if they weren't the prettiest I have ever flown.
Event Sequence
After T/O I Went straight for STENNIS and established in the Marshal stack @8000ft/23nm. Did an ok approach and landing.
Carrier T/O and try to rejoin with the VIKING tanker but he didn't answer on the assigned freq 142.500.
Rejoined Case 1 recovery and was placed as #2 @ 3000ft and on my downwind leg the Hornets below me commenced. Established @ 2000ft and did a 360 and then commenced myself.
On my initial I noticed that the interval between the Hornets in front of me and myself was much closer than I expected. I prolonged my initial and turned downwind later than usual so the interval was restored.
Lessons Learned
I Think it Went fairly well and all participants did correct calls and also used the script so that it worked for the next flight in turn, Tnx alot for reminding us @Entropy.
I don't know if my turn from commencing was too aggressive or if the flight in front of me did a very long downwind leg Before going for the initial but the interval was too short, should have paid more attention to their recovery on the SA page.
Forgot to switch off the landing lights, 350ft Ralt and no ABS.
Other Feedback
It is really fun to fly at night and the challenge it presents in manageing the interior (and exterior) lights.