1900Z WED 12FEB2020
Training (ATRM) - Persian Gulf
Event host:Neck
VIPERF-16C132nd 388thTR7880
Pilot: Neck
Primary objective: TR: partialWere not able to do COM-01 with trainee. But I got to do some flying.
Event Sequence
- My trainee did not show up, so after 20 minutes of waiting I decided to fly the first part of the flight, just to keep proficiency, especially for AAR.
- Flew south along the transit corridors, passed LIWA, set course toward Range 9 where ARCO was holding.
- Did AAR with ARCO.
- RTB for landing at Al Dahfra.
Lessons Learned
- EXCELLENT handling by @Looney at ATC stations this evening. It was a pleasure to hear, and the proficiency it was handled. Very well done!
- Unfortuantly my trainee did not let me know. If I had known he was a no-show, I could have shifted 388th flights around so we could potentially support 494th A-A training.
Pilot: Rivets
FALCONF-16C132nd 388thTR7881
Pilot: Trollef
2200Z OMAM (Lamane3)- Need to be a bit more aggressive in pushing tower, because these recovery profiles are actually quite short. It takes time to push freqs, even in a two ship, and the WM has to fiddle buttons and fly a tight formation.
- OHB itself went well, and the timing between the jets seemed to be very tight too.
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
- As fragged, nothing to see here.
Lessons Learned
- I had a INS/ NAV failure or degradation during the low level ingress, just before IP. I had good visual references planned, so I decided to press the attacks visually. Told WM to give me a +1nm action call.
- This was not very accurate, and my profiles were off; too steep or too shallow, with a couple of good hits and a couple of misses.
- Need to fly these more often, particularly offset with a wingman.
- In addition to focusing on flying the profiles accurately, also focus on the rejoins. This was pre-briefed, but I could be more accurate here too, with specific altitudes and climb rates to ease the process.
- AAR in the Viper is super smooth, love it.
- Thanks @LongShot for a great flight :D
Other Feedback
Solid fps, one small de-sync/ lagspike for LongShot on the RTB- leg.
Pilot: LongShot
2200Z OMAM (Lamane3)
Primary objective: TR: partialShould continue practicing SAT-1/2 as WM, but have a better understanding of theory now.
Event Sequence
Lessons Learned
I didn't feel like I had prepared enough for this, which showed in my execution of the attack geometries. Nevertheless: all bombs on target and could easily rejoin with a bit of help from Link.
Experiencing this in practice helped a bunch in understanding how to continue with learning SAT.
Other Feedback
Bound ICP to keyboard today, helped a bunch in expediting steerpoint input.
CRYPTICF-16C132nd 388thTR7882
Pilot: David
1910Z OMAM
2035Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: partial
GHOSTF-14B132nd 108th-RTR7883
Pilot: Bear
NO DEPARTURETheory ran on, so decision was made to postpone the practice
KNIGHTF-14B132nd 108th-RTR7884
Pilot: FurFace
1915Z OMAM (31R)Departure went well. Was happy with my flying and was at the right place at the right speeds and heights during the Mansa-2 departure.
2030Z OMAM (31L)Hmmmm, some of it good, some of it not so good.
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
Mans a-2 Departure, General VFR, Lamane-2 recovery. Just enjoying the flying.
Lessons Learned
The channel can get busy. Reporting of VRPs may need to be done late/early as required.
Other Feedback
During the approach for a Lamane-2 recovery and after checking in with Control I became slightly positionally challenged. This required corrections from Control, whilst trying to head to the X-Junction for a Lamane-2 recovery. Once established on the recovery, it went well.
Not sure what the issue actually was but I had no guidance on my display for the waypoint I had set. After flight checked waypoint for X-Junction was correct - it was.
Control cleared me to contact Tower once airfield was visual. Contacted Tower and was cleared for runway 31L. I reported 31R, needing a correction from Tower. Good landing. During recovery started getting rather bad stuttering on frame updates. I have lowered my graphic settings to see if this was culprit during my next online session. Other than that, enjoyable and good to be out on the server under my own guidance (Tower and Control excepted! 😉).

@Looney - thanks for the excellent manning of Tower and Control.
SPRECTREF-14B132nd 108th-RTR7885
Pilot: Entropy
2000Z OMAM (LUGAL3)delayed by 30 min until WM was able to log in
Primary objective: TR: unmetunmet, as we ejected due to unsafe flight parameters induced by pilot error.
Event Sequence
AR at range14 was met- until due to a mistake on my part as a result of a too aggressive dive bomb my RIO ejected us. (note to self, dont mutter to yourself "we are dead" while pulling out, the guy in the back might understand this as an ejection signal, doh ).
Lessons Learned
Mk82 LD is simply not suited for the fast-paced action on range 14.The tomcat is simply too heavy and fast and the moving targets too hard to aquire during the few seconds you have in a dive bomb with that heavy plane. Instead, we will use Mk82-AIR next time, which allow for level delivery on moving targets.
Other Feedback
@Pullman suggest to join the server ahead of time, or at least during briefing and use the long load time during briefing
2000Z OMAM (LUGAL3)as per pilot's AAR
Primary objective: TR: partialThe main objective of the mission was familiarization with the weapons panel. Setting up free fall ordnance for release. This objective has been met. Pilot passed the weapon parameters to me and I was able to setup the ordnance and pilot was able to deploy it.
Event Sequence
Good briefing by Entropy
Start-up, set-up, departure, communication - fine.
Pilot introduced the Range to me and we proceed to track and attack targets. During one of the bomb dives I was under the impression that we hit the ground (it was actually sound of the bombs being released). Pilot then said "we are dead" and I thought we lost our engines, or that the plane is no longer flyable, I panicked and pulled the ejection handles ejecting both crewman.
Lessons Learned
I have to try to stay calm next time. I think I panicked. Although it was a tense moment. I misjudged the situation. I could have asked pilot about the status of the plane. It's hard to say, because it happened very quick and very, very low.
Pilot: Pullman
PANTHERF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7887
Pilot: Artur
1930Z OTHR Sas Al NakheelDeparted directly to MOA 1
2115Z OMAMOverhead brake.
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
We took off Al Nakheel and flew directly to MOA1. From the very beginning we struggled with INS alignment but finally the decision was to go on with mission. After reaching MOA 1 we managed to align the system by TACAN. Next the practice part started and after few skirmishes we all RTB in 4 ship formation.
Lessons Learned
I get the theory but in practice its a mess. Im pretty sure I would hit hostile with LOFT GBU-12 than AIM120C.
I need more practice lessons.
Other Feedback
IS the INS aggressors F/A18C INS alignment broken/set on purpose ? We had to align our planes by the TACAN. If its on purpose than we have to add a word or two to the SOP.

Grate flying ! 4 ship formation is challenging but worth of doing ;)
Pilot: Teddy
1930Z OTHR Sas Al NakheelINS doesn't seem to work/last as red air. Straight after takeoff we are in Al-Dhafra air space so had to move fast to control.
2105Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
Really good training to echo what has been said by Panther and Satan.

Learnt how to align INS using TACAN which was pretty cool!

Died a few times in the mock battles and four-ship for landing.
RAZORF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7888
Pilot: Napfy
SATANF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7889
Pilot: Gumidek
1930Z OMAMLittle confusion which VFR my Lead requested and where we flown at the end, no traffic around, so no harm to anyone.
2115Z OMAMRTB by a 4-ship visual approach for an overhead break.
Primary objective: TR: metWM in a 2vs2 A/A(BVR) tactics practice - Met
Event Sequence
@Thumper lead this flight, so I departed as a WM to MOA 1. Where I intructed Panther flight how to make Tacan INS update. After that we did A/A with Panther, 3 good BVR setups. I managed to defend every incoming AIM120 and kill agressors. Than we need to RTB due to BINGO and SKOSH. Its always good to practice some of A-A tactics, but again confirmed, that SA and missile defence is on first place.
Lessons Learned
WM in a 2-ship in A/A - Met
Need to work on my communication skills.
Lead shall never give WM lead, if he is not sure, that WM have all navigation setup correctly and he knows where to fly. Before such action, give WM little time to setup everythink in pit (formation kickout), ask him, if he is ready. If yes, than give him a Lead.
Other Feedback
Thanks very much to @Thumper @Artur and @Teddy for good A-A practice. Will try to repeat this practice more often.
Pilot: Thumper
1930Z OMAMAsked for the wrong departure and flew another...
2115Z OMAMRecovered via IP for an overhead break 31R - did it in a 4-ship, which was super awesome!
Primary objective: TR: metSee above.
Event Sequence
Departed as a 2-ship directly for MOA 1.
Did A/A with Panther, 3 good setups before RTB due to fuel and munitions. It was nice to try out A/A like this again, and SATAN tried a few different tactics that worked out quite well!

RTB as a 4-ship with a little formation work followed up by a 4-ship visual approach for an overhead break.
Lessons Learned
Lead a 2-ship in A/A - Met
A/A tactics was fun and worked well, tried a few different ones.

Need to improve comm-flow internally.
Other Feedback
Thanks so much to @Gumidek @Artur @Teddy for joining in a 4-ship!! And thanks @LooneyT for controlling - so awesome.
NEPTUNEF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7890
Pilot: hitch
1930Z OMAM (VFR)
2045Z OMAM (OHB + touch 'n' go)third OHB was flewn without concept.
Primary objective: TR: metCOM-1 - met
VFR-recovery - met
OHB - partial
Event Sequence
Request taxi from apron 1 west, TWR: cleared to taxi via GOLF, alpha... (can't find GOLF on outdated airdrome chart)
Stayed in TMA for 3x OHB. 2x touch and go. I had traffic in sight @FurFace.
Lessons Learned
COM-1 is getting better and better.
third OHB was flewn without concept.
Other Feedback
Thanks @LooneyT for ATC und feedback.
BEASTA-10C132nd 617thTR7891
Pilot: Professor
2130Z OMAMTACAN 31R. Set the HSI course indicator wrong, therefore did a pretty long detour towards NORTH before overflying OMAM.
Primary objective: TR: metTAC-04
Event Sequence
Needed to start up three times because of technical difficulties. TC Darcy to Range 2 for TAC-04 against TS 21 - 24.
Lessons Learned
- Tunguska: Because of its SACLOS guidance, it can be outmaneuvered easily. It will never fly intercept headings. Missing smoke trail makes it dangerous. Even though it tracks you with RADAR, treat it as a IR SAM site for evasion.
- Strela 1: May be outmaneuvered even without flares, but not recommended.
- Strela 10: Was unaware it has a track RADAR. Freaked out when it tracked me the first time and was hit by plenty of missiles. Has a bigger range than Strela 1, which gives more time to defend it.
- MANPAD: Only fires at very close distances, short flight time, needs very little time between tracking and launch. Not really enough time for out-of-plane breaks, except when executed instantly. Orthogonal roll is the tactic to go to. Goes to flares quickly, so pop them immediately.

- Dragging turns after out-of-plane breaks were not centered around the right heading.
- Orthogonal rolls need a bit better timing. Was executing them too early today, because of the shorter flight times of the missiles.
Other Feedback
@Looney: Thanks for controlling! @Neck Thanks for hosting!
WARRIORA-10C132nd 617thTR7892
Pilot: AssafB
COBRAKa-50132nd 696thTR7893
Pilot: Torun
1930Z OMALLoaded with VIKHR, S8-KOM and 1 bag
2130Z OMAL
Primary objective: TR: partialAttrition of 66% SAM; Attrition of a number of trucks and APC
Event Sequence
Departed Al Ain South and proceeded to R9. Flew by the road South for a while before I realized I haven't activated the range, so I activated it and then cheated a bit via F10.

A convoy was spotted tracking E-W; 3 groups of APC, 1 logi, 1 2C vehicle, escorted by 4x SA-8 and 2x SA-9. Was launched at, defeated, retreated, established BP.

Attempted to engage SA-8 via NOE running Vikhr attack, which was successful on first attempt, but much less successful on latter ones; only around 50% of missiles were defeated. After destruction of 2 SA-8, I precieved no more such units and proceeded with a running rocket attack on the logi group, destroying it entirely with the pod expended. Spotted a missile launch, breaked and defeated. Upon egress noted flying closely (<1km) past APCs, locked one and destroyed with gun.

After egress, I performed a hasty hover, but appeared to have broken the PVI-800 and datalink system during such maneuver due to generator overloading. Autopilot was restarted, but datalink was no longer functional and laser was overheated. Combined with JOKER, I went RTB.
Lessons Learned
SA-8 is an opponent not to be taken likely; thanks to this sortie, I have discovered a potential approach to destroy it; engaging it solo is still very difficult without cover. It requires Vikhr, flying at 10m AGL until pop-up to no more than 30m AGL at 8-9km, firing on Manual launch control to override range limits, and then descending without bumping Shkval limits. Missile launch is guaranteed, but if successful, the launcher is destroyed before impact.

I should be more careful about surveillance of the target, I neglected spotting 2 SA-8s and the fact I wasn't approaching the convoy perpendicularly, hence my passing over some APCs.
Other Feedback
SA-8s are nearly impossible opponents solo on flat terrain. I'd ask considering lesser numbers of their employment or replacing with a different platform for solo training.
OMAM Al Dhafra132nd 176thATC7894
Event Sequence
Acted as Tower and Control, no special occasions tonight. One COM-01 cancelled due to a no show which was a pitty.