1900Z SUN 09FEB2020
Training (ATRM) - Persian Gulf
Event host:Neck
VIPERF-16C132nd 388thTR7825
Pilot: Neck
Primary objective: TR: metTAC-01 for @Doom and @LongShot. Good work by both!
Event Sequence
- Close formation weather penetration.
- Range 9 for formation and turns
- Range 9 formation and turns
- 3nm trail penetration below the weather (radar assisted)
Lessons Learned
- With higher winds it was harder to maintain the contract, especially heading drifted off a few degrees from time to time.
- Overshot the tanker slightly on rejoin
- #3 was lowest on fuel, and I told him to do the intercept with the tanker as we approaced. Should have continued and led the intercept myself, as I had better SA and this would have led us to a faster rejoin. #3 had focus on flying formation, as he should as a WM, and had thus not the same SA as me, so it was a poor decision by me as FL.
- During recovery my speed dropped a bit to much while I looked for the racetrack (was harder with the rain and overcast).
- Was challenging with 2 AC for TAC-01, but it works by doing the formations with both at the start, and then send one AC to the tanker while doing the 2 ship turns, and rotate once the first trainee is finished with the 2ship turns.
Pilot: Doom
1935Z OMAMFirst time out on the server in the Viper, held up the flight with a few delays setting up the flight plan (stick to the checklist!) but happy with the departure and quick rejoin.
2215Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: metDefinitely need more time in the jet in a multiplayer environment. Transitioning from an A-10C, tac turns and manoeuvres took me a while to adjust to and certainly felt that the learning curve to stay on-top of navigation, formations etc was steep but I progressed well as the training continued.
Event Sequence
Departure Al Minhad - Echelon left. Established Range 9 for Tac-01.
SRS failed and rebooted so I lost contact for a short while, when I re-established contact, I headed for Arco for refuel, regrouped and completed training. Trail descent through the cloud layer, overhead break and landing.
Lessons Learned
Took me a while to adjust to the throttle response to hold close formation and stay in line abreast, I often crept ahead. Once I was comfortable I tuned into the training and finished well. I need to focus on more use and scanning of the HSI to ensure I can manage distance to lead better. Coming from the A-10C with three radios I also drifted into the wrong radio from time to time as we switched internal freq across radios vs sticking to FM in the Hog. I was also very loose on the landing, came in too high and fast and didn't land at all well - more practice in wind and rain needed! I felt I had studied for the training but clearly not enough. I had self qualified energy sustaining turns but in the heat of the flight I did confuse myself on the correct procedures.
Other Feedback
SRS crashed and had to reboot and reconnect to the server mid-flight.

Thanks @neck for the training and your patience, I will practice more and ensure I'm more polished next flight.
Pilot: LongShot
1935Z OMAM
2150Z OMAMOvershot OHB turn to downwind and failed to deconflict landing roll with #2.
Primary objective: TR: metTAC-01 passed, will keep practicing
Event Sequence
Performed TAC-01 training with AAR and trailed IP when other IQ rejoined.
Lessons Learned
Tight formation rejoins were a bit shoddy on my part. Didn't quite get the hang of rejoining in tactical formations until later on. I think I showed progress throughout the training and can build more experience in following events.
PANTHERF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7842
Pilot: Teddy
Pilot: Artur
1940Z CV Stennis
2030Z CV Stennis
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
CASE II Landing
Lessons Learned
No remarks
Other Feedback
Despite the fact I have started CASE II recovery script thought at some points I was doing CASE I
SPECTREF-14B132nd 108th-PTR7868
Pilot: Entropy
1910Z OMAM
2045Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
CAS at Range 14 with JTAC (@AssafB) and AXE (@Professor)
Lessons Learned
departure, ingress, check-in etc all went well from my view.
Comms were super clear and precise by @AssafB, a pleasure working with you, as always.
Outstanding work by AXE, SPECTRE tried to keep up and we were able to stop most targets (at least one vehicle so they came to a halt), it shows again that, imo, no fast-mover can even remotely get close to a Warthogs performance when it comes to CAS, espacially in a tight airspace and with poor weather.
Due to the tint of the HUD, while I can MARK1- eyeball targets when looking out of the side, as soon as I look thorugh the HUD (as is required for getting the pipper on) due to the tint, I cant see them, especially in poor weather like yesterday. Made it super difficult. Because of this, using NVGs is especially no option, as the green tint then is more a problem even. Also during visual attacks with unguided bombs, due to poor weather and visibility, I literally had 1 second between the in hot and cleared call. was super fun but very very challenging. The Tomcat is no CAS plane, but we tried our best, and I do think it worked. GBU deliveries on the other hand were smooth and worked nicely (apart from one miss, which I think we understand why we missed).

Other Feedback
regarding the briefing, we tried to make our pre-planned internal brief and taxi time, therefore there was no time planned for brief with the JTAC beforehand on TS. They way I understood, @AssafB had more info somewhere on Discord but I logged on shortly before the mission and only had the info on board that was shared beforehand on the comms chatter on the event page. I think everything that was discussed on discord (or bette, the outcome of the discussion) really should go to the comms chatter or it will get lost.
1910Z OMAM (mansa-1)
2045Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
R14: CAS
Lessons Learned
More practice needed on moving targets at low altitude - We should have delayed release on tracking targets whilst attacking as they moved away from us

The weather made visual spotting exceptionally difficult, should have thought of using NVGs as others did

Really great job @AssafB, Thank you @Entropy for piloting me + CAS comms, and @Professor for holding the FOB line - Super fun / intense mission

Other Feedback
ETD set at 1920Z, AAR showing Fragged 1900Z
Flight assigned Primary Freq of 309.5 (LSO)
SRS Dropped connection twice - Didn't notice the disconnect sound / red text for too logn - will see about changing the audio so it's more noticeable for me in the future
RAZORF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7869
Pilot: Lion
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
BEASTA-10C132nd 617thTR7870
Pilot: Evilivan
1945Z OMAM
2115Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: partial
Event Sequence
Another Hog derust flight reminding me what a fun aircraft it is.

Debrief as per @Hansolo - and thanks for doing all the planning, and the IPing on route :-)
Pilot: Hansolo
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
Took off towards HARBOUR-HEXX. Continued south of R4 inbound R9. Checked into R9 and started mission. Weather had really poor visibillity. We had DIRT followed by MUD SA-8. I took at least one simulated hit.
Continued scanning and found several vehicles including a SA-8. Ran in but the 65H was unable to lock.
Both A/S had same issue and decided to not down the corrdinates for vehicles; N23º 45.801 E055º 47.417. SA-8 including several truck and light armoured vehicles.
Lessons Learned
Brought the wrong AGM's which proved useless. Forgot to read latest update and take notice of weather during re-arming. My bad @Evilivan

Excellent FL by @Evilivan
Pilot: Dziara
Pilot: Luber
PLAYBOYA-10C132nd 617thTR7872
Pilot: AssafB
1900Z -
2100Z -
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
My initial plan was to utilize SPECTRE for attacks and AXE for sensor-tasking and for clearing out enemies leaking through SPECTRE's attacks.
As it was, we ended up with both flights below the clouds deconflicted by geography (WEST/EAST from the BLUE/GREEN road and later shifted EAST/WEST from TRP-BEND.

SPECTRE arrived first and was cleared for low-level flybys in order to get a feel for the AO (VISUAL friendlies and CONTACT on all important reference points).

The pace of attacks felt amazing with SPECTRE keeping a close guard on the road from the EAST (Road RED) and AXE doing an outstanding legwork killing stuff on the road running NORTH/SOUTH (GREEN,BLUE)

This was my first effective use of preemptive CAS-Briefs (one for SPECTRE to cover road RED, and one for AXE covering GREEN.

As two APCs have gotten close to the friendly FOB, @Professor made a good call to ask for a W->E attack heading with declaring PASSING FOB so that the fire clearance could be given with no risk to the friendlies.

Final attack was with SPECTRE receiving a CAS brief and dropping bombs on a smoke mark provided by AXE in a quick and effective attack. So much fun playing with proficient pilots working out of different airframes in a demanding situation and so effectively. Fun!

Lessons Learned
What went well:
1) Felt fairly in good control of things. Was able to adjust the original gameplan to the change of VUL times but still retain good understanding of what both flights were doing.

2) Outstanding comms from @Entropy and @Professor. Despite high pace of things going on, the channel was kept mostly clear, calm and quiet.

What could've gone better:
1) Should've stopped for a minute and deliver a preemptive CAS brief to AXE flight. Would've increased effectiveness of some of the attacks as they were delayed by me preparing specific briefs.

2) Somehow, I always end up having the FOB being blown away by something but well, we did what we could :-P
Other Feedback
@Neck thanks for hosting and for this great range!
The pace of things happening coupled with the challenging weather made this training a super challenging and fun for me.

@Entropy @MartinCo @Professor thanks for a great training gents'!
AXEA-10C132nd 617thTR7874
AXE 9-1
Pilot: Professor
1915Z OMAM (31R)LUGAL 1
2105Z OMAM (31R)LAMANE 2
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
Technical difficulties after startup, needed to restart DCS. SPECTRE took off without me. Arrived approx. 10 minutes after SPECTRE at CP.

After CAS RTB.
Lessons Learned
Comms were very clear and brief most of the time. Coordination, deconfliction and target handover worked wonderfully. Training with a healthy amount of stress, like we had here, is super helpful for me! 50 percent of my attacks were really quick, the others were solid, with exceptions listed below.

- I gave SPECTRE the wrong distance from the smoke mark to the target, because I didn't check the unit-of-measure indicator on my TGP. Stated 200 to 300 meters, was closer to 70 meters.
- When the civilian vehicles arrived at the FOB I became target fixated, thereby almost crashing my plane.
- I didn't follow PLAYBOY's talk-on for the two civilian vehicles on ROAD GREEN close enough. I didn't scan on the road towards the NORTH, but went straight NORTH from TRP 3 BLOCKS. Caused a delay of about 2 minutes in our CAS flow.
- With complete overcast at 10,000 ft I had issues eyeballing dark vehicles on a slightly less dark underground.
- For the 2 x BRDM on ROAD GREEN moving SOUTH, FAD W-E with guns I didn't give have enough lead on my gun pipper. This is closely related to the previous point.
- Tipped in on the wrong target once, confusing my HUD indicators for STEERPOINT and TARGET.
Other Feedback
Outstanding mission, I absolutely loved it! Thanks to @AssafB for the JTAC, thanks to @Entropy and @MartinCo for fast-mover support. Thanks to @Neck for hosting.

Would love to see more bad weather training!

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHeHnrcep3E