1900Z SAT 08FEB2020
Training (ATRM) - Standard training (Persian Gulf)
Event host:Jaeger
SATANF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7839
Pilot: Jaeger
1920Z OMAM (RW13L)
2105Z OMAM (RW13L)
Primary objective: TR: met
Pilot: hitch
1945Z OMAM (VFR to harbour)Lined up on wrong lane.It was unclear to me that I could already end a VFR departure at point Harbor.
2100Z OMAM (OHB)I made the landing approach in the wrong runway direction.
Primary objective: TR: unmetBAS5 - met
COM1 - unmet
AAR - met
OHB - met
Formation flying - unmet
Event Sequence
We were flying towards MOA3 when an hostile poped up on our 12o'clock withhin 20nm. The next moment my SRS connection was interrupted. Without contact to my IP I decided to turn away from hostile. After SRS worked again we flew in MOA3 and flew energy sustained turns. Then we did AAR, flew further energy sustained turns and some formation flying.I made the landing approach in the wrong runway direction and Jaeger took over the flight.
Lessons Learned
Communication without a manned ATC was unusual for me. So I made a lot of mistakes and forgot to check in with AWACS. The lack of requests from the ATC unsettled me.
I have to visualize the flight plan before departure. Then next time I might have a higher SA.
Other Feedback
Thanks to Jaeger for IP. Despite my mistakes, I didn't sweat through Jaeger's calm manner.
KILLERF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7854
Pilot: Kimkiller
2000Z OMRKShould have tuned in correct freq for the new field, other than that it was ok.
2200Z OTHR Dubai INTWas a little tired so I cut some 60nm and landed on Dubai INT.
Primary objective: TR: partialLousy performance from my side not only
Event Sequence
Started directly for one of the tanker to see which ones we could use. However I should have read up on the two pager freq board prior to chase a boom tanker.
Landed at Ras Al Khaimah and refulled and got hold of @Neck.
We decided to go to MOA 1 for A-A singleship since @Bear had connection issues.
On my way to the area I got painted and eventually shot at from a couple of ships.
We decided to go further west befor we commence our 1vs1 N to S and S to N engagement.
On our first pass I was locked up by the ships and the F16 was really hard to distinguish on the EW and I got shot down.
Same thing on the second run so we moved a little more to the west but I was constantly painted by the ships.
The DL was not working especially good, I think it is due to the distance.
Lessons Learned
Got saturated by all warnings and tried to separate them but to no luck. I think it is possible to determine what should show up in the EW so I need to check that.
Also, my TWS was bad and I need to get some training on using it properly.
Other Feedback
Remove the ships, and I think @Neck is already on it.
If possible we should create an A-A training area where there are Tankers and AWACS for both sides close to the area.
Pilot: Bear
ROUGEF-16C132nd 388thTR7856
Pilot: Neck
2000Z OMAM
2140Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: partial
Event Sequence
- Got airborne and contacted aggressor for gameplan.
- Flew out WEST of Al Dahfra to conduct BVR practice. Since @Bear had issues it ended up as a 1v1.
- RTB Al Dahfra
Other Feedback
- The ships that were placed in the mission kept shooting at the red tanker and at @Kimkiller when he got too close.
- Thanks @Kimkiller for a great practice and @Jaeger for hosting!
AXEA-10C132nd 617thTR7866
AXE 4-1
Pilot: wildcat
1930Z OMDMVFR left hand circuit training @OMDM.
2030Z OMDMIntended touch and go RWY27 turned into an emergency full stop landing due to flat tire on right landing gear.
Primary objective: TR: metVFR left hand circuit training @OMDM: met.
VFR VIS CT departure/recovery @OMDM: met.
Event Sequence
After succesfull systems setup, engines startup and ground handling I went for VFR left hand circuit training south of OMDM. In total I made 5 circuits with 3 touch and go's and 1 VIS CT departure/recovery. At third touch and go I got a flat tire on right landing gear and I decided to go for (emergency) full stop landing instead. I made it safely to Apron 3 West, slot 27 where ground crew performed immediate maintenance after complete shutdown.
Lessons Learned
Positive: systems setup, engines startup, ground handling and informative comms on traffic channel, VFR circuit and VFR VIS CT departure/recovery @OMDM.
Negative: flat tire on right landing gear (due to former bad touch and go which was too fast coming in from too high?).
Other Feedback
Thanks @Jaeger for hosting this standard training.
JEDIF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7867
JEDI 6-1
Pilot: Artur
1900Z CV Stennis
2140Z CV Stennis
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
CASE II practice session transferring theory into practical skills.
Lessons Learned
First attempt went well but on the second I had bad (too big) angle left hand holding comparing it to BRC (not -15 degrees but about -45 which is way to far).