1900Z SUN 02FEB2020
Training (ATRM) - Standard Training
Event host:Inigo
Mission commander(s):AssafB, Evilivan, Kimkiller
AXEA-10C132nd 617thTR7788
AXE 1-1
Pilot: Hansolo
1930Z OMAMVFR departure RWY13L with teardrop left followed by MANSA-3 to HARBOUR at 2000ft and HEXX at 6000ft.
2115Z OMAMVFR recovery MALIK-3 and straight-in landing RWY13L with tricky crosswind and turbulence.
Primary objective: TR: partialBasic VFR Training Flight in OMAM TMA with focus on non-tactical 2-ship echelon formation and rejoins: met
Rendez-vous with tanker TEXACO: not executed
Other Feedback
Thanks @Thumper and @Looney for providing ATC
AXE 1-2
Pilot: wildcat
1930Z OMAM (MANSA-3 (teardrop))VFR departure RWY13L with teardrop left followed by MANSA-3 to HARBOUR at 2000ft and HEXX at 6000ft.
2115Z OMAM (MALIK-3)VFR recovery MALIK-3 and straight-in landing RWY13L with tricky crosswind and turbulence.
Primary objective: TR: partialBasic VFR Training Flight in OMAM TMA with focus on non-tactical 2-ship echelon formation and rejoins: met
Rendez-vous with tanker TEXACO: not executed
Event Sequence
After systems setup, taxi to active RWY13L, 2-ship formation take-off and teardrop MANSA-3 departure @OMAM via HARBOUR @2000ft and HEXX @6000ft we used Transit Corridors DARCY and AFRA @6000ft for non-tactical 2-ship formation training: normal turns, echelon left/right, switching sides, rejoins. Transition from echelon right to trail 3NM for VFR recovery MALIK-3 and straight-in landing RWY13L @OMAM with tricky crosswind and turbulence.
Lessons Learned
Positive: systems setup, flightplan setup via CDU repeater using UFC and keyboard bindings, ground handling, SADL-bulls-swing-alpha-ops checks, use of hook FL on TAD, tacan yardstick and lost wingman procedure, basic flying (take-off, navigation and landing).
Improvements: getting better at non-tactical echelon formation and rejoins; need to 'play' more with throttle to rejoin or keep formation without overshooting FL; learned switching sides technique (nose slightly down, slide slowly to other side, counteract and nose slightly up); definitely need to keep practicing off- and online on a daily basis!
Negative: still too nervous when getting too close to FL and than becoming too erratic on joystick to avoid possible collision; loosing too much altitude while switching sides; track IR still doesn't feel 'natural' when looking sideways or up; accidentely wrong use of mic swith on throttle (pushing UNIFORM instead of FM).
Other Feedback
Thanks @Inigo for hosting this well attented standard training!
Thanks @Thumper @Mosquito for excellent, real life and therefore immersive ATC (although FL did all the comms)!
Thanks @Hansolo for taking me under your strong wings and for sharing some practical and very useful tips. This training was just what I was hoping for! I loved it! Thanks for your precious time; much appreciated!
BOARA-10C132nd 617thTR7790
BOAR 3-1
Pilot: Professor
2030Z OMAMstraight in approach 13L with simulated right engine failure
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
VFR departure, Range 9 for AAR with Texaco, VFR familiarization flight in TMA. Didn't pay attention for a minute and accidentally entered an active Range.
Other Feedback
@Thumper @Mosquito thanks for your control tonight! @Inigo thanks for hosting!

Turbulence was very interesting.
BLADEKa-50132nd 696thTR7792
Pilot: Inigo
1930Z OMALDeparture with @Torun as Lead, me as mock-ATC. Fields>Roads @2000ft
2100Z OMALStraight-in approach from Fields straight to ramp, full stop.
Primary objective: TR: metMQT checkout - met
Secondary objective: AR: partialAR Range 9: ARTY destruction - met APC attrition - partially met
Event Sequence
Departed with @Torun as lead. Switched roles after Fence-in.
NOE travelling overwatch, with /1 and /2 switching roles and going high to scan or low to cover.
Identified approaching enemies, setup in hasty BP and scanned the enemy forces to build SA and find priority targets.
Killed SAM sites first, then ARTY units, followed by racetrack gun-runs on APC.
Laser was not tracking at all during the sortie, had to use manual firing modes.
Fast RTB downwind for direct approach.
Lessons Learned
Could be better:
-SA-8 at flat terrain is not good for Ka-50. Should have asked for A-10C support, especially since we had one available (prob), but that would have given additional workload to a MQT checkout.

Was good:
-MQT sortie planning in advance focusing on checking out MQT skills - worked very well and allowed /1 to be more focused on evaluating the trainee.
Other Feedback
Sundown time - let me know if the mission start time was too late or was it fine.
Wind - challenging enough or more was left desired?
Pilot: Torun
1945Z OMALROLEX - mod issues, In lead until fence-in
2045ZEngine fuel suction lost, flameout in dead man's curve
Primary objective: TR: met
Secondary objective: AR: partialARTY attrition met APC attrition partial
Event Sequence
Required crank-start due to not enabling main fuel pumps. Those were engaged later, I still cannot remember why they were disengaged later in flight.

Flown to R9 to discover an enemy convoy heading west. SAMs have us a fair amount of trouble, /1 decided to simply dispatch them using the missile script's gentle nature to allow undisturbed proceeding with the mission.

Sundown gave a lot of trouble with locking, manual targeting and guidance needed to be used, but we would destroy all ARTY and some APC before RTB was called.

During that, I have noticed my bag was empty, so I switched its pump off and engaged X-Feed without checking the state of main fuel pumps, which were off. This caused complete loss of power in conditions which made auto-rotation impossible; too low, too fast. Gear was extended in time, which absorbed initial impact fairly well, but the aircraft was sent into a roll afterwards. The pilot did not survive the crash.
Lessons Learned
Today, I paid special attention to section integrity and placing communication over my own attempts to fix targets. I managed to disregard my initial frustration in failure to acquire targets as described by /1 and instead focused on coordination. In the end, the targets were found anyway and engagement would commence.

Sundown made Shkval fairly difficult to use and the most important impact was to datalink, which couldn't be used to share info. What I neglected to think of that it would have sufficed to lock onto the ground around the target, which would have functioned properly and wouldn't be of detriment to precision as the targets were constantly moving to begin with.
RAVENF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7793
Pilot: hitch
1930Z OMAM#2 had trouble with input controller and takeoff was 20min delay. We flew via Lugal 3 departure to range 4.
2130Z OMAM (OHB)straight in due to a emergency landing in progress. Crosswind was challenging but nice!
Primary objective: TR: partialenergy sustained turns - unmet
TAC90s - met
ground COM - met
dep COM - unmet
Event Sequence
I had trouble with COM and MDC to get the right FRQ. of Al Dafrah TMA. After mastering departure & COM I gave Napfy LEAD to communicate with AWACS & lead us to range 4. Napfy dropped GBUs and I practice energy sustained turns.
Together we flew some TAC90s and arrival Al Dafrah via straight in due to a emergency landing in progress.
Lessons Learned
- better familiarisation with MDC and different FRQs.
- good familiarisation with VFR procedures
- need to familiarisation with COM
- need to practice energy sustained turns
- good TAC90s
Pilot: Napfy
1930Z OMAMDepature - Comm probs
2130Z OMAM (OHB)Arrival went well. Nice crosswind. Tower should have us slow down a bit earlier and seperate us earlier.
Primary objective: TR: metTGP + JDAM training - met
Tac turn training - met
Event Sequence
Range 4 - TGP - JDAM training
Tac Turn training
Lessons Learned
TGP work went well.
JDAM 3/4 good hit but number 4 went far off
Tac turns went well
Other Feedback
Thanks a lot for controlling again. Its awesome
SPIDERF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7794
Pilot: Kimkiller
1920Z OMAMDeparture Lugal-1 uneventful.
2120Z OMAMThe RTB to STENNIS was a problem because none of us could contact STENNIS and set him up for a Case 1. But we tried anyway and I did three bolters before I gave up and #2 landed on the second pass.
So I refuelled from the Viking and headed back to Home plate.
Primary objective: TR: metDespite my shortcommings the MQT ride went well for @Artur and I can only say Congratulations :)
Event Sequence
AAR was ok, and then away we went. Passing between the SAM coverage and descend below 1000ft for our ingress at target 12:1.
For some reasons blink blink my Mk82s went sour and I had to jettison them. It was all up to #2 to take out the target.
We approached the target and did our individual pop-ups and from a high overview I could see that #2s 4 MK82 found their target.
We went out to egress and then climbed up and returned SW towards STENNIS. On our way we were intercepted by a hostile F18 and we engaged him. Unfortunately he got me and when I turned around I fired an AIM120 at him but managed to hit #2. #2 found the hostile F18 and hit him with a AIM120 and we knocked it off.
Lessons Learned
1. Should have planned the attack with #2 as Lead so I was second on the target.
2. Should have continued having #2 as Lead through the A-A engagement.
3. Not good with blue on blue, should have verified my lock symbology before releasing the weapon.
Other Feedback
Something is wrong with the STENNIS Script.
Special tnx to @Bear and @Bolo for the aggressor role and all ATC tonight.
Pilot: Artur
1920Z OMAM5 second spacing T/O via LUGAL
2120Z CV StennisCV didnt want to listen so we had to land downwind. First attempt resulted in bolter but second was on 3rd line ;)
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
After takeoff we pushed for AAR - no remarks
Next we flew towards the AO descenting to 1000ft. My FL had some malfunction with his MK82s so he jettisoned all 4 bombs. The attack went smooth thanks to good plan ;)
After rejoin we set our heading for CV but shortly after we were engaged by enemy fighter. Indeed we had some misunderstanding there as @Kimkiller said but other than that I FOX2 two times with good results.
Lessons Learned
Im learning a lot with every A-A fight so I cant say that mistake in this fight was wrong I would rather say very good that it ocured as its brilliant learning point.
Other Feedback
@Kimkiller thank you for your time and all grate mission preparation ;)
@Bear and @Bolo thank you too for taking part in checkout !

As I said earlier CV didnt want to listen, we checked all freqs and F10 menu.
JEDIF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7795
JEDI 3-1
Pilot: Teddy
2000Z OMAMDeparture as briefed via LUGAL-2
2105Z OMAMSlight adjustment to RWY 09 TACAN approach using left hand turn.
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
NAV-03 met

VFR depature LUGAL-2
RNAV Approach RWY 09L OMDM

VFR Departure OMDM via CT
South TC AFRA FL 080
OMAM 13L TACAN Approach
Lessons Learned
Must remember to check the course line entered, this threw me off.
Other Feedback
Like having the wind and turbulence!
GHOSTF-14B132nd 108th-PTR7796
Pilot: Typhoon
1920Z OMAM (LUGAL3)Delay due to VR problems from my side. My RIO was struggeling with the comms, learning a lot at the same time.
2120Z CV 74Case I
Primary objective: TR: partialFamiliarization Flight cover by far the expectations. Problems encountered in AG and in Comms are doing the Outcome as Partial.
Event Sequence
Rejoin was performed well due to the short separation between boths departures. Waypoints and navigation was performed very good from my RIO, being his first time in the server. Afterwards we switched to AG using Lantirn. We get problems with the Lantirn (it was like bugged). One bomb missed the target, other was drop disarmed in the test range due to the following exercices. We went to the next planned range for BVR Air to Air. Launch and crank, after pitbull, turning cold but impacted by the missile. In the second round, similar timeline was applied with harder avoidance maneouvre. Afterwards, we started with WVR and dogfight.
Lessons Learned
Comms. It can be performed better from our side, we are working on it.
Lantirn. We didn t know what happened. My RIO performed a DCS repair as T/S.
Air to Air. Happy about the combats and the timeline applied. Maybe we need to priorize even more the missile avoidance instead of waiting for Pitbull.
Other Feedback
Thank you the ATCs and AWACS for such an incredible control and communication! We appreciated it a lot!
RIO: Ce_Zeta
2115Z CV 74Typhoon performed a CASE I recovery. We changed the 74 from Case III to CASE I without notice that it was also changed to MArtin and
Primary objective: TR: partialPartial as the surface target was not destroyed.
Event Sequence
We departed from Al Dhafra after some delay due to Technical issues in the Pilot side. We suffer some problems in COMMS due to my incompetency. It was my first time with real ATC. Thanks Thumper and Mosquito for your patience.

We arrived to the test range, we identified the target and locked in point mode but LANTIRN was bugged when we released the first GBU-12. After that I was not able to retake control of the Pod. I could not slave it to any waypoint or keep it in QHUD or QADL.

We jettisoned the other bomb in order to make some BVR combats. In both cases we launched the Phoenix after the adversary (a few seconds). We impacted them once I think. They destroyed us in both combats.

Then, we performed 2 VWR combats, but between them, we took some gas from the tanker.

We landed in the CVN-74 in a CASE I Recovery.
Lessons Learned
Comms. As expected I couldnĀ“t manage the COMMS in a proper way. I need some study to catch up all the fraseology. Other day I will enter the server just to listen ATC.

We couldnĀ“t release the bombs due to a LANTIRN Failure (I repaired DCS, still pendind extensive tests).

We performed BVR combat as usual althrough we lost the iniciative in both combats. WVR performed as expected.
RIDERF-14B132nd 108th-PTR7797
Pilot: Evilivan
1935Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: metGreat flying with @Typhoon and @Ce_Zeta; you guys obviously know your way around the F14.
Event Sequence
Full spectrum of F14 capabilities:

A-G with GBU12
Lessons Learned
Scrappy flying from me; usual issues of keeping alt and speed and heading as contracted.
BVR: evaded the missile in both engagements (although took advantage of DL to do so)
WVR: it was close-ish, but both engagements won by GHOST
AAR: awful AAR performance from me; think I had overswept the wings just passed bomb mode, but still poor flying and took me several goes to get into the basket
CASE1: approach was sloppy, but the recovery itself went OK - especially as it was almost dark.
Other Feedback
Many thanks @Mosquito and @Thumper for ATC; never taken for granted!
1935Z OMAM
2125Z CV 74
Primary objective: TR: metFull range fam flight with @Typhoon / @Ce_Zeta
Event Sequence
Lessons Learned
Dusk CASE1, Request AI inbound to get the carrier lights
Change the requested CASE 3 -> CASE 1 via Skipper menu
Should have been more on ball with altitude approaching CVA

Other Feedback
Great job @Mosquito and @Thumper on ATC; always a pleasure
FALCONF-16C132nd 388thTR7798
Pilot: Trollef
1940Z OMAM (LUGAL 3)
2300Z OMAM (MALIK 2)
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
TAC-01/ debrief with the trainee.
Lessons Learned
Shared with 388th IP's.
Pilot: Ducky
DEMONF-16C132nd 388thTR7799
Pilot: Rivets
ARSONF-16C132nd 388thTR7800
Pilot: Dex
NO DEPARTUREUnfortunately, something came up and I was unable to attend
SATANF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7804
Pilot: Bear
1930Z OMRK
2200Z OMRK
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
Provided Aggressor role for Spider flight and their MQT check-ride.
Lessons Learned
The TWS doesn't update the antenna elevation on the target, and when you are rather close, you may lose your lock.
Pilot: Bolo
OMAM Al Dhafra132nd 176thATC7803
Event Sequence
Provide ATC/AWACS - Met.

Good work by all, and thanks @Mosquito for good teamwork as always!
OMAM Al Dhafra132nd 176thATC7810