1900Z WED 29JAN2020
Training (ATRM) - Standard Training
Event host:Evilivan
HAWGA-10C132nd 617thAT7766
HAWG 1-1
Pilot: AssafB
1920Z OMAM
2030Z OMAM
Primary objective: ATK: met
Event Sequence
Due to RL constraints I was unable to commit to any decent planning and so resorted to a calm casual derusting and practice on the VFR departures/recoveries.
Started with MANSA-1, return via LAMANE-1 for an OHB , touch-n-go and then MANSA-3 with a return via LAMANE-3 for a full stop OHB.
Other Feedback
Additional practice is clearly needed. due to an intense comm-traffic I was unable to get a hold of TWR while already overflying the RWY for the OHB. wasn't sure if I should abort or continue with my OHB.

Got a bit task-saturated during the turn for final which resulted in a sloppy touch-n-go.

@Thumper thanks for superb controlling! It always amazes me how even the most calm and uneventful flights here at the 132nd can be immersive and fun thanks to a professional controllers and with all the traffic around.
MISTYA-10C132nd 617thAT7767
Pilot: Professor
1900Z OMAM31R, MANSA-3
2130Z OMAMVFR ARR LAMANE-3. Had some confusion with RACETRACK coming from VILLAGE, since there is a similar looking landmark not too far away. Requested OHB, was cleared for straight in.
Primary objective: ATK: met
Event Sequence
tacview (relevant time segment only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i6daJVeqxTxZa_Y2k43DFdpeiRk56PVE/view?usp=sharing
Lessons Learned
- Beaming / notching and split-s work really well. Older generation SAMs don't even require chaffs to defeat them if beaming can be maintained with good accuracy long enough. All maneuvers can be combined with diving for the ground if the inital altitude permits. This "terrain masking" even works sufficiently well in the totally flat terrain of range 2.
- Didn't get hit once by an SA-15, which fired in total 6 missiles at me.
- Maneuvers were executed with the right amount of G and AOA, with very few exceptions.

- Most maneuvers work better when executed with enough altitude at the beginning. For my light loadout, 6000 ft AGL seemed to be good.
- Orthogonal roll, when employed as the only maneuver, is useless against RADAR SAMs. This is because their smoke trail vanishes too far from its target.
- Do not climb. Never.
- Most maneuvers don't work without dispensing CMs. Exception is Split-S / dragging close to RMAX.

- Need to work on my out-of-plane break turns. My final roll angle is too often not on point, which makes it too easy for the missile. I tend to roll too far.
- Need to keep a cool head.

- Future practice will need to focus on Strelas, Tunguskas and MANPADs.
Other Feedback
@Looney @Thumper Thank you for ATC today! Would it be possible to create another VFR approach for RWY 31 for flights aproaching from TCDY4? LAMANE-3 can be a pretty big detour for a slow mover. The same goes for departures from RWY 13.

@evilivan Thanks for hosting!
CLAWA-10C132nd 617thAT7768
CLAW 3-1
Pilot: wildcat
1900Z OMAM Did not depart
Primary objective: ATK: unmetDid not depart for planned VFR Basic Flight Training with VFR procedures and Transit Corridors due to dense traffic. Stayed tuned on GND/TWR frequency to learn from professional and immersive ATC comms. Will come in handy when going for another COM1 check ride!
Event Sequence
After succesfull setup of systems and comms I contacted GND/TWR for taxi clearance but due to dense traffic I was ordered to standby. I than just enjoyed the professional comms so I stayed listening on frequency and learned a lot from it. And isn't that what trainings are all about?
Lessons Learned
Positive: setup of systems and comms; making flightplan based upon new WP's (VFR coordinates) and predefined WP's (Transit Corridors) via CDU repeater using UFC and keyboard bindings (SQ 132-TRP-617-AVI-02).
Negative: did not depart.
Other Feedback
Thanks @Evilivan for hosting this well attented training!
Thanks @Thumper for very immersive ATC @OMAM!
DRAGONKa-50132nd 696thAT7770
Pilot: Limbo
1930Z OMAMTWR wanted us to do a Mansa-3 departure. I didn't know what that was but now I have looked it up. They want us to go to 6.000ft in a Ka-50 ? We are down to earth most of the time...
2130Z OMAMComms with TWR went well
Primary objective: ATK: metAll targets killed, rtb safely
Event Sequence
As a bit of a surprise I was FL. This was my first time. Initially only with Lion, but at the last moment Marky joined us. It was to be a simple target-practise mission, and I tried to squeeze in some formation flying and coordinated manouvres. It was very difficult to give the correct commands so that the WM knew what they should be doing and how and where to finnish. All in all I think it went pretty well, givven that it was my first time.
At the range suddenly the stationarry targets came to life and started shooting at us. Later we learned that that was our regular FL who decided to spice things up, which was a nice surprise and a good learning how to deal with unexpected situations.
/2 and /3 spotted numerous enemies and called joker when due. We practiced guns, rockets and vikhrs.
Lessons Learned
Get more familliar with how to use what commands in what situation.
Other Feedback
I overheard on the frequency that TWR and CTL seemed to get aggitated a few times towards pilots. But I will have them know that speaking very quickly, swallowing words and not paying attention to pronounciation over a distorted radio will only result in "say again"...
Pilot: Lion
1930Z OMAM
2130Z OMAM
Primary objective: ATK: met
Event Sequence
RAZORF/A-18C132nd 494thAT7774
Pilot: Napfy
1945Z OMAMMansa 3, 31L
2045Z OMAMLAMANE 3 with touch and go then LAMANE 2, both with overhead break
Primary objective: ATK: partialTech- Check Hitch - met
Smaller issues on the start up
Event Sequence
Take-off to Range 4.

TGP practice
JDAM practice

Arrival practice - 2 different arrivals with OHB
Lessons Learned
TGP practice - met
JDAM practice - not met

Had some issues with the BOMB config. Didnt go to TOO and stayed there

Other Feedback
Thanks for controlling. You guys did a awesome job
Pilot: hitch
2000Z OMAMMANSA 3, 31L
2100Z OMAMLAMANE 3 with touch and go then LAMANE 2, both with overhead break
Primary objective: ATK: partialSetup all soft- and hardware according to TRP - met
2x bit test error during startup - unmet
Familiarization flight - partial

Event Sequence
First flight in a year - my muscle memory remembered. My english is a bit rusty. Didn't lose sight of my FL.
Second landing was bumpy. Familiarization flight on PG was a challenge.
ODINF/A-18C132nd 494thAT7775
ODIN 2-1
Pilot: Gumidek
1915Z OMAMRequest wrong departure LUGAL-2, but RWY31R was active. After takeoff, was vectored to my destination N/E corner (X-junction). Correct procedure shall be turn around airfield on Traffic pattern and than join LUGAL-2 departure. This procedure Will be added into VFR charts.
2045Z OMAMOnly thing I remeber, ATC asking me about me confident Im following HI-Tacan procedure, I told him that Im, and at that exact time I was talking, I missed by 2NM turn point to estabilish myself on ARC 12,5NM.
Primary objective: ATK: metVFR and IFR departure and arrival procedures.
Event Sequence
One VFR departure with following VFR OHB arrival.
One IFR departure with following IFR HI-TACAN arrival.
Lessons Learned
Except one broke ATC altitude restriction, I followed every ATC order given.
It is still better short com pause (make words together in my mind and than talk)and than say it. Immediate answers without a sence are worse. No-one is sure the they understands each other. One bad example was my call to Tower, that Im estabished on RWY31R heading on glide slope for full stop LNG.
Other Feedback
@Looney @Thumper Thank you guys for controls. I never experienced more bussy Airfield frequency (quite number of standby and hold directions). One of best by @Looney: After someone talk on wrong freq: "Get the fuck out of this frequency!"
DEAMONF/A-18C132nd 494thAT7776
Pilot: Bear
1900Z OMAM
2140Z OMAM
Primary objective: ATK: met
Event Sequence
Practiced OODA Loops in a BRA calls situation with a fictional AWACS
Pilot: Hamster
WOOKIEF-16C132nd 388thAT7778
Pilot: LongShot
1950Z OMAMMisunderstood instruction on departure altitude; got promptly corrected by control.
2130Z OMAM
Primary objective: ATK: metGood training session overall.
Event Sequence
VFR departure & recovery training and practiced precision flight while navigating & on comms.

Figure-8 around MOA 2 and range 4 with touch-and-go on Dhafra half-way.
Full stop recovery via LAMANE-2 after exiting TC Afra.
Then did a quick loop from MANSA-1 to LAMANE-1 after refueling.

Lessons Learned
Comms went a lot better than last Sunday. Not quite fluent, but no mayor screw-ups either.

OHBs were a bit sloppy at times and precision flight while planning next move and talking to tower & control needs more practice.

While flight planning went well prior to training, I ran into delays before first departure, which pushed entire schedule back +/- 30 minutes.
CRYPTICF-16C132nd 388thAT7779
Pilot: Worg
1930Z OMAMWas my first time navigating Al Dhafra air base, and I told the controller I was at APRON 7, which was not entirely correct, as I was parked 50 meters north of the hold short ramp to 31L. This caused confusion and unnecessary coms clogging up an already busy frequency. Sorry about that. I would like to know what this apron is called though. It says N4 in the chart, and APRON 7, and 31L is directly south.

Didn't adhere to my given restriction of FL100. Was up at FL120 and was corrected by approach, which was a good thing.
2115Z OMAMDid not know about the MANSA departures and LAMANE recovery routes. Keep using them! However, I had to go into autopilot during my transit to find the documents mid flight, and when I finally got there, I didn't get a LAMANE 3 recovery like I had hoped for ;) (even though I still recovered through VILLAGE and RACETRACK).
Primary objective: ATK: met
Event Sequence
Did 8 HADB passes, 2 of which I came off dry (on purpose) only to learn the approx degrees of dive looking at the canopy rail for reference.

Also did around 5 popups deploying countermeasures and strafing the pits (from the wrong direction though).
Lessons Learned
- Update my air base charts to the newest ones (FLIP).
- Attack the strafing pits from the correct direction (south east to north west).
Other Feedback
No technical difficulties this time.

Thanks to @Thumper and @Looney for awesome controlling! You really make it so much more immersive for the rest of us :)
SKULLF-16C132nd 388thAT7780
Pilot: David
1905Z OMAMUneventful, did not expect control on PAR freq.
2030Z OMAMUneventful, hard to enter VFR recoveries w/o inital fix on chart.
Some confusion on call to vacate, think I heard "If able vacate right onto Mike"
Primary objective: ATK: met
Lessons Learned
Good timing (gimbal) with a 40deg defensive offset from FAH at both 24K and 17K.
Other Feedback
Thanks @thumper for the services
ARSONF-16C132nd 388thAT7781
Pilot: Dex
1945Z OMAMDid a MANSA-3 departure. Tower asked me to expedite climb to 6000' after departure. Did an aggressive 400KIAS climb direct at the RWY threshold, but unfortunately I overshot slightly and was up at 7000' before coming down to 6000' and leveling out.
2130Z OMAMRecovery via LAMANE-3 direct for final on 31L. Not the nicest of landings.
Primary objective: ATK: metTest SRS and Connection Stability - MET
Practice checklists and procedures - MET
VFR Departure and Recovery according to charts - MET
Event Sequence
Took off, headed south trough DARCY and then back east to AR201. After completing the AAR I came back west to the corridor and then north for recovery via Village and LAMANE-3.
Lessons Learned
- Need to pay attention to my airspeed
- The Viper is still a friggin' rocket with 4xA9s, 2xA120s and a CL
- The VFR point 'Racetrack' is a bit hard to spot
- Use COURSE-bug to set the VAC reference course on dep/arr
Other Feedback
Thanks @Thumper and @Looney for ATC! :)

It was so cool to look at tacview post-event and see everyone following the VFR routes. It was eye-watering boys! Good job
SPECTREF-14B132nd 108th-PAT7782
Pilot: Evilivan
2000Z OMAM1-3 had many problems with his radio on the ramp. Something weird was causing hot mic-ing, not sure what (his ping to our server ranges from 60-200 ish, so maybe related?). 1-3 ended up having to bail on the sortie. Apologies if anyone's comms were stepped on.
2145Z OMAMMade a mess of LAMARE 2
Primary objective: ATK: met
Event Sequence
Support @FurFace for TAC-01; nice flying - comments in debrief and on qualification page.

Lessons Learned
I really need to practice those VFR routes; totally cocked up the LAMARE 2 recovery - thanks @FurFace for sticking with it in spite of my gross incompetence :-)
Other Feedback
Thanks @Mosquito for coming along as RIO and adding a very useful extra resource to the flight management.

Big thanks to @Thumper and @Looney for amazing ATC; that was super busy. And thanks @Looney for sticking with us to the end again...
Pilot: FurFace
2000Z OMAM (31R)
2145Z OMAM (31R)
Primary objective: ATK: partial
Event Sequence
TAC-01 Training in MOA2 with Mosquito as RIO, Evilivan as IP. .
Lessons Learned
1st training event on the 132nd server. Good to have Mosquito in the back, allowing me concentrate on the flying whilst he did his magic in the back. Cross turns caused some issues, with me often lagging on completion of the turn. I had trouble determining where Buster was on my Warthog throttle. With the advice from Evilivan that should be sorted. I felt that in the 180 turns I was often fighting the aircraft, especially when trying to stay level in the turn, but more practice will hopefully resolve that. Thoroughly enjoyable!
Other Feedback
On Mosquitos suggestion we logged onto the server approx 1 hours beforehand. This allowed us to confirm our comms were good and set required volume levels and confirm everything else was operating as expected. It also took one layer of nerves away on that initial training sortie. And the guys providing ATC. Many thanks, added immensely to the event and realism. Many thanks Evilivan and Mosquito for a great training session . Time for a cool beer!
Pilot: Pullman
GHOSTRIDERF-14B132nd 108th-PAT7783
Pilot: Entropy
1930Z OMAM (MANSA-3)
Primary objective: ATK: met
Event Sequence
TAC-05 with Inflames, Energy, Exon
Lessons Learned
was good fun. Including smoke pods for BFM training I think helps a lot.
Pilot: Exon
Pilot: InFlames
1930Z OMAM (MANSA-3)
2130Z CV Stennis
Primary objective: ATK: met
Event Sequence
Preflight brief and theory on BFM, especially level 1- and 2-circle fights followed by a hop on the server and uneventful, but due to lots of traffic and live ATC (thumbs up Thumper!) very immersive MANSA-3 departure to the sea range for BFM work.
In range we worked both types of merges, first 1 vs 3, then 2 vs 3 until bingo and then all three recovered to Stennis Case-1 recovery via marshall stack.

I personally had problems with my Rift, which at the end of the mission was dropping my FPS to about 1 for a couple of second every 10 seconds or so... Boltered the first time but managed to catch the wire the second time.

Lessons Learned
It is one thing to debate BFM in theory until you try it in practice. Great learning experience and better performance with each try. Definitiely something that has to be practiced on regular interval, especially with such a demanding aircraft as F-14.
RIO: Energy
Not defined132nd 23rdATC7786
Event Sequence
Did final recoveries
Not defined132nd 176thATC7787
Event Sequence
Cover TWR and Approach freqs - MET.
Utilize VFR departures and arrivals - MET to some extent.
Derust controlling - MET.
Lessons Learned
SUPER busy frequency. I was talking 90% of the time, and had a lot of fun working with that many flights in the air - so thank you all!

I ended up pushing everybody to the PAR frequency for some reason, instead of TMA approach (Sorry @David et al), but kudos to everyone for actually listening to the call given and pushing the correct frequency!

@David I mislooked on the chart, which is why the right-turn unto Taxiway MIKE was given - my bad!

Everyone, good work on the procedures and comms. Few pointers:

- Stick to the given altitude restriction
- Keep comms concise! LOTS of open-mike time (myself included) and cluttered frequencies.
- Make sure you listen closely so messages don't have to be passed multiple times. I talk fast which doesn't make anything easier, so my bad on that as well.
Other Feedback