1900Z SUN 26JAN2020
Training (ATRM) - Persian Gulf
Event host:Neck
Mission commander(s):Neck, Entropy, AssafB, Evilivan, Junior, DeMonteur
BEASTA-10C132nd 617thTR7733
Pilot: Hansolo
1915Z OMAM (VFR)
2110Z OMAM (VFR)
Primary objective: TR: metNeutralised 9 targets. Difficult to spot
Event Sequence
Headed to R10 for AR. RTB via TEXACO
Other Feedback
Thanks @Looney for the control
VIGILANTEKa-50132nd 696thTR7739
Pilot: Inigo
Pilot: Limbo
1915Z OMAL
2200Z OMAL
Primary objective: TR: metEnemy plans are to massively reassemble to the east of their settlement. 1 command-vehicle was killed, 2 artillery were killed, about 15 BTR's were killed and about 5 SAM's were killed
Event Sequence
Very special mission. In this scenario we had flat terrain. This is new and extra dangerous for helicopters. Also enemies were numerous. There were so much enemies that we were overwhelmed. Every single one of them had to be visually recognized. Some were trucks, some were BTR's some were SAM's.
We killed as many as possible, but we had some SAM-launches which we wouldn't have survived.
Locking moving targets while moving yourself is very difficult in the Ka-50.
We reached bingo fuel and had to RTB. There were many more targets to be killed however. We ignored low-value-targets, but I think when you decide to RTB you can empty your weapons on any remaining targets.
Lessons Learned
I learned that the "Moving Groundtargets" button in the weaponssystem actually has a function. If you engage moving targets with the gun, you won't hit them unless you press this function.
Because of the overweling numbers of enemies sometimes section integrity and communication went bad.

PALADINF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7740
Pilot: Photun
2110Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: met
Other Feedback
Thanks @Neck fo the host and thanks @Looney for the ATC/AWACS duty
Pilot: Gumidek
1940Z OMAM
2100Z OMAMMy poor comunication skill with ATC during IFR procedures emerges once again. @Looney, can you please speak slower, when giving orders? Priority 1)Safety, 2)Speak the way everybody can easyly understand. Not everyone is native English speaker.
Primary objective: TR: metTAC-21 HADB S-S/S-C
Event Sequence
At Range-5 we did HADB S-S/S-C - switched in Lead
After that Lead was given to me and I managed to recover our flight by IFR HI TACAN RWY31R (formation ladning).
Lessons Learned
494th A-G tactics need to be rebuild and based on tactics from RW doc F-16 Korea or
"Flight Syllabus Guide
Maneuver Descriptions
Ver. 3.0
United States Marine Corps Harrier Force
VMAT - 203"
Z-charts need to be also reworked.
Other Feedback
Thanks @Neck fo the host,@Looney for the ATC/AWACS duty and @Photun for giving me good advices about IFR procedures, also nice Lead.
PANTHERF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7741
Pilot: Napfy
1930Z OMAMAfter radio issue of my WM. Depature - met
2100Z OMALRevorcery - Overflow first Village. After rejoin turned slighty to late in for overheadbreak
Primary objective: TR: metWe learned a lot. Keep comm up and keep visuell
Event Sequence
BVR 1time against 1 F14
WVR 2vs1 Neutral
Lessons Learned
Bracket didnt work out. We shoot too late.

WVR - Comm to less. Need to talk more and practice
SPECTREF-14B132nd 108th-PTR7743
Pilot: Entropy
1910Z OMAM (LUGAL3)Departed 15 min later than briefed. Requested opposite runway since wind was only 3 knots and no other flights were on taxi yet, but got declined by ATC, and took off towards the West
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
Great formation flying by @Bear, ingress was uneventful.
STRIKE for 1-1 was successful 10° LAHD, 1-2 lost engines due to own ordnance blast and had to eject. We monitored 2x good chutes and relayed coordinates of ejection to AWACS.

Pressed on as singleship for A-A training with PANTHER. I had fenced out after the strike mission, and we fenced in too late before the next engagement, as a result our phoenix wasnt warmed up fully and came off the rail later than intended. As a result, we got into PANTHERs threat envelop. Had good BVR and WVR engagements with PANTHER and RTBed
Lessons Learned
was happy with my performance, except for missile prep was turned on too late (didnt think it would take that long to warm up).
1910Z OMAM (LUGAL3)11 mins late
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
STRIKE T12.1: Successful
- Success
- Req. 2 attack runs: first was short but one hit on target
- 2nd was right on target, for a successful strike

STRIKE T12.2: Successful (ish)
- Released at 500ft AGL, with impact with only 200ft separation
- Fragmentation caused Spectre 1-2 to go down

- Fenced in 1:18:50
- Launch Attempted 1:20:37 (no launch: 107 seconds after fence)
- Re-Launch first at 1:21:10 (
140 seconds after fence), 21nm with 2nd shortly after
- Missile Prep takes 2 minutes, so we were not ready to engage!
- This brought us well within their engagement range
- And they had a missile on us
- We didn't turn defensive aggressively enoguh and ate it
- Both our 54s tracked well and hit both targets.

- Quite intensive, 2v1
- Lasted a while before eating a 9X from FlamingSquirrel (06:22:20Z)
- Made up for it with a 9M hit on Napfy
- Before eating another 9X 06:22:58Z from FlamingSquirrel
- Aaand another from Napfy (06:23:24Z)
- Got antoher 7M kill on Napfy (06:42:32Z)
- Before knocking it off

Thank you @FlaminSquirrel, @Napfy for the BVR/WVR engagements
Thank out @Looney for the great job on all freqs.
Lessons Learned
- Ensure 2 minutes have passed after fencing before pressing!
Pilot: Bear
Primary objective: TR: unmet
Event Sequence
Embarrassing moment where I killed the ship, because of a very bad bomb release
KNIGHTF-14B132nd 108th-PTR7744
Pilot: Evilivan
2000Z OMAMMansa 1 departure
2145Z CV StennisAfter losing WM to unexplained dual engine failure, went for CASE1 at the Stennis; after two missed approaches (skipped all wires), ditched in the sea to go to debrief.
Primary objective: TR: metTAC 01 successful
Event Sequence
Support @Pullman for TAC-01 and (nearly) COM-01.
TAC-01 successful; comments on qualification page.
Started COM-01 but shortly after departure #2 had dual engine failure; unable to relight and therefore ejected over the sea. Suspect version issue - #2 was using DCS World Release version, not Beta.

Big thanks to @Looney for providing ATC, especially when we announced we wanted to fly COM-01 at 2115z... Thanks for being will to support that.
Lessons Learned
Need to practice the VFR departures and recoveries - scrappy recovery via LAMANE 3.
As always, keeping the Tomcat on speed and on altitude is a challenge.
Need to practice CASE 1 at lots of different weights; was very light and didn't compensate for it enough.
Pilot: Pullman
0700Z OMAM
2135Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
TAC-01 completed thanks to the patience, good CRM and instructional skill of IP @Evilivan. A significant learning curve for me as this was my first multiplayer online session ever.
It was decided to attempt COM-1 after evaluating fuel and time remaining.
Shortly after takeoff on a MANSA-1 VFR DEP approaching position harbour, both engines failed simultaneously, a MAYDAY was declared and Spooldown Air Start Checklist was actioned. No engine rotation was observed leading to the need to eject at approximately 1000ft over the sea with the aircraft pointing in a north-westerly heading away from coastal populated areas.
Lessons Learned
I Need to anticipate more time before the session to avoid unnecessary delays (issues with TeamSpeak).
More proficiency with Jester comms menu required to avoid distractions.
Including Aldafra VFR recovery WPTS will increase my SA during VFR recovery, especially in VR.
DCS multiplayer and VR limitations must not distract from the orderly process of checking, x-checking, and checklist reading.
Other Feedback
SRS crashed twice.
VIPERF-16C132nd 388thTR7746
Pilot: Neck
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
COM-01 with @LongShot.
Went very well IAW plan. Debrief points in qualification page.

Lessons Learned
- Forgot to push to ARCO freq until we were too close
- Overshot ARCO during rejoin
- Late Overhead break
- I had my speed vary a little too much

Well flown by @LongShot!
Other Feedback
Thanks a lot to @Looney! Excellent work tonight!
Pilot: LongShot
1940Z OMAM
2120Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: metPassed COM-01, got feedback
Event Sequence
COM-01 qualification flight.
Lessons Learned
General flight, formations and refueling went well.

-More practice needed for comms, mainly with ATC. Protocols and terminology are different from what I'm used to. (will write down some lines to use next time)
-Precision flight during ops needs improvement. Lost focus on airspeed a couple of times due to frustration with comms.
ARSONF-16C132nd 388thTR7763
Pilot: Ducky
1920Z OMAM
2030Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
Practiced all VFR departure and recovery routes for OMAM RWY 31.
Lessons Learned
Good practice of routes and fix points, as well as comms. with human ATC.
Should contact twr a little further out to allow for other calls on the radio to finish.
DARKSTAR132nd 23rdC27765
OMAM Al Dhafra132nd 176thATC7764
Event Sequence
Manned both Al Dahfra and Al Ain TWR as well as control and Darkstar.
Lessons Learned
LotATC improved a lot but still has issues. Made bugreports to Dart.
Forgot my own set TA and TL, will need to work on that.