Welcome to the 132nd Virtual Wing!

132nd is a virtual wing for simulator pilots who fly the DCS series of simulations. We consist of a small group of dedicated DCS pilots from Europe. Our aim is to create a virtual wing where the focus is realistic simulation in a serious but friendly atmosphere.


@Sithis now MQ as RIO in the 108th. Photo credit @DeMonteur
@Shady now IQT in the 176th
@Sithis now IQT as RIO in the 108th
@Torun now IQT in the 696th!
@Looney now MQ as RIO in the 108th!
@Level now MQ as pilot in the 108th!
Napfy now MQ in the 494th
@Evilivan now MQT as pilot on the 108th
Ashilta now MQ and IP in the 494th
@Virus now IQT in the 494th