1900Z WED 05FEB2020
ATRM - Standard training
Event host:Hansolo
Mission commander(s):Evilivan, Limbo, AssafB, Kimkiller, Entropy, Bear, Thumper
AXEA-10C132nd 617thTR7814
AXE 1-1
Pilot: Professor
2140Z OMAMDirect into pattern for 13L
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
- RAZOR was flying through our active range? @kimkiller
- CAS brief Bravo: guns against 3 x BMP, 1 x Truck
- engaged platoon of BMPs with 6xMk-82AIR, minimal damage
- Damaged by Blue on Blue from Humvee
Other Feedback
@AssafB Thanks for the mission!
BEASTA-10C132nd 617thTR7815
Pilot: AssafB
(No JTAC assignment available at this time on the website)
2130Z -
Primary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
After a CAS theory with @Limbo, jumped in range-6 which was prepared in advance.
AXE and DEMON were already loitering.
Stacked both flights overhead, conducted a type-1 with DEMON and a type-3 with AXE.

Lessons Learned
Went smooth considering the limited prep time spent on the actual practice.
Outstanding performance by @Professor and @Thumper on those attack runs.

CAPTURE - is for acquiring bad guys on sensor. "CAPTURE a hammer jeep in the FOB" is a frightening thing to hear on the comms :-P

@Professor sorry for the scratches and holes - I really didn't expect those 50cal rounds to fly that far!
Other Feedback
When I popped a smoke mark I saw it from my binocular but once I shifted to F7 view (external) it was not visible. DEMON also was unable to acquire it.

Range-6 is nice and fun. Great place to utilize airborne sensors and do some JTAC-FAC(A) coordination training!

@Hansolo thanks for host!
SHARKKa-50132nd 696thTR7816
Pilot: Limbo
1930Z OMALNo ATC, did comms without. Direct takeoff to the west
2020ZSuffered VRS@100ft when slowing at BP1. Crashed.
Primary objective: TR: unmetMuch more training is needed plus a way to remember all information.
Secondary objective: TR: -
Event Sequence
First CAS-training. I arrived at the contactpoint and made contact allright. JTAC gave me 2 coordinates and I was already overloaded with information. SA was very bad. In VR I have no means of writing down stuff. I will try to find a method of remembering all.
Lessons Learned
More practice so I know what information to expect
Other Feedback
Thanks @Deamon and @Beast for their patience
RAZORF/A-18C132nd 494thTR7818
Pilot: Kimkiller
1940Z OMAM (VFR to RG 4)Departure went ok, struggled to find the landmarks.
2100Z OMAM (Full Stop Landing)
Primary objective: TR: partialATC went ok.
Secondary objective: TR: unmetDue to the malfunction of FPM the Cross and TAC turns were not performed.
Event Sequence
It was a first glimpse on ATC comms for @Hitch and it went ok. Some misses but all in all it was ok.
Pilot: hitch
1940Z OMAM (VFR to RG 4)Handled COM while RAZOR1-1 navigate us to LUGAL 3 departure
2200Z OMAM (straight in)Without AOA-Indexer my FL left me on short final and I flew ~ 160KIAS and aimed to the touch down area - soft landing.
Primary objective: TR: partialCOM-1 met (not fluid and with read back errors)
BAS-5 and AAR could not be trained
Secondary objective: TR: metI get comfortable with the structure 132vW. Need to prepare my kneeboard better.
Event Sequence
In the air we noticed a difference in the bullseye position (alpha check was successful) and my AOA indexer was not working. Then I noticed that my HUD course didn't match my alternative compass course. I checked some controllers and DDI pages but couldn't find the error. We ended the training and flew back to Al Dhafra. When I got to the ground, I found the Alinement button on ALIGN instead of NAV.
Lessons Learned
- rushing to check list
Other Feedback
Thanks to my FL with his calm attitude and good tips and thanks to ATC for service.
BANSHEEF-14B132nd 108th-RTR7820
Pilot: Evilivan
2015Z OMAM
2115Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: partialDid not complete the COM-01; next time surely will
Secondary objective: TR: -
Event Sequence
Many many tech issues for the first hour, both for 1 and 2.
Once we got going, the demo part of the flight went OK

Big thanks to @Looney for supporting our COM-01 flights :-)
Lessons Learned
I need to spend a bit of time learning the VRPs for the VFR departures and arrivals to and from the East; not so easy to see from the air.
Scrappy comms on the recovery from me, and forgot to go back to local QNH
General point to pilots: we try to do things realistically in the 132nd, and therefore unplanned close flybys of other flights, especially if they are on a training sortie, is not good form. Leave that to casual flying.
Other Feedback
Initially #2 had issues with mic volume that we spent some time troubleshooting with several restarts of DCS and SRS. Looks like it is a wiring problem.

#1 then started having issues. First problem was the loss aft radio; it was working, and then at some point it stopped. Freqs were showing, and SRS overlay indicated it was active. Martin jumped in the RIO seat to see what the problem was, and he could hear ATIS / people on the freqs, when I could not in the front seat. Restart of both DCS and SRS seemed to fix that.

Lost Jester menu partway through startup; the audio cue would happen when I clicked the Jester button, but no menu would pop up. Restarted who PC and it worked again.

Getting really stuttery performance around Al Dhafra (20-25 FPS)
Pilot: FurFace
1930Z OMAM (13L )
2100Z OMAM (13L)Line up on the runway, not a taxiway!
Primary objective: TR: partial
Secondary objective: TR: -
Event Sequence
A run through of COM-01, with @MartinCo as RIO and Evilivan as IP.
Lessons Learned
Issues with comms from me to others. I was very variable in volume to RIO and FL. This had a knock on effect whilst flying with FL regularly unable to discern my communications Frustrating to say the least. I’m sure the microphone was occasionally almost at the back of my throat to achieve reasonable comms with others.

Flying from my perspective was a complete B.O.S! I couldn’t hold formation whether straight and level or in the turns. Seemed to be fighting the a/c. I’m putting it down to struggling with the comms and getting a wee bit flustered about it all.

On turn to finals even managed to line up on a taxiway rather than R13L. Thanks @MartinCo for the gentle hint!

Disappointing trip, but things can only improve. From a mission point of view good to see what is required and actually feel confident about the level required. Just need to sort out my mic have another run through then go for it.
Other Feedback
Many thanks to the guys providing the various levels of ATC.
2015Z OMAM
2100Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: partial
Secondary objective: TR: partial
Lessons Learned
@FurFace to familiarize himself with his PTT binds to radios to avoid speaking on the wrong one (or saying same on them all) along with read back items - This was exacerbated by the Mic issues as sometimes he made the call but was faint and 1 didn't hear etc.

Initially lined up for taxiway, followed by realigning on 13L with a somewhat hard landing followed by aggressive maneuvering based on premature NWS - Better safe than sorry

I'm confident, once the mic issues are sorted he'll feel less frustrated and we'll get COM-01 done and dusted

Other Feedback
Thank you @Looney for the ATC
GHOSTRIDERF-14B132nd 108th-RTR7821
Pilot: Entropy
Primary objective: TR: metCOM-01 with @Pullman -met
Secondary objective: ESC: -
Event Sequence
very good show by @Pullman. Congrats to IQT.
Lessons Learned
Thanks @Looney for ATC!
Pilot: Pullman
Primary objective: TR: met
Secondary objective: ESC: -
Event Sequence
Overall a straight forward sortie.
Good CRM with GHOSTRIDER 2-1
Lessons Learned
Avoid using the word takeoff on an active runway until actually cleared for takeoff.

I had calculated before the mission TACAN radial and distance to Al Dhafra VFR arrival and exit points which enhanced my situational awareness.
Other Feedback
Big thanks to @Looney for ATC!
DEAMONF/A-18C132nd 494thCA7837
Pilot: Thumper
1915Z OMAMLUGAL-3 Departure. Difficult to visually pick up Village. Need to fly it more.
2140Z OMAMTACAN 13L was fun and worked well!
Primary objective: CAS: met
Secondary objective: TR: met
Event Sequence
Took off from OMAM as fragged, headed directly to range 6 and tried to check in with BEAST. While BEAST was not yet onstation I loitered for 25 minutes before deciding to go to the tanker.
Did AAR, pretty well executed.
Went back to the range, got in contact with BEAST and AXE and set up in the area.
Received Point Echo and did sensor search in the area.
Got CAS brief from BEAST, Type 1 (as needed for training), Visual run-in with rockets. First tip-in was unsuccessful as I feared I had contact on friendlies, so went off dry and returned to the overhead to reacquire.
Found the correct target after confirmation with talk-on and target description by BEAST and went HOT with rockets. Couple of salvos, good effect on target.
Went back to the overhead and loitered for an additional 45 minutes, no further taskings and was cleared off.
Went back to OMAM for a TACAN approach RWY 13L, landed safely.
Lessons Learned
What went wrong:

- Need to practice the VFR departure routings more, as I had a hard time finding Village visually.
- Need to remember to put CAS-checkin template in my kneeboard... VERY poor checkin.
- Turned too hard on the TACAN approach and ended up a bit close to FAF, but at altitude so guess it was okay.

What went good
- CAS went pretty well. Good call coming off DRY when not 100% sure of the target.
- TACAN approach was well executed except for a little too hard turn on the inbound.
- GREASED the landing.
Other Feedback
Loving the ATRM, LOVING to have live ATC and JTAC. @LooneyT THANK YOU for ATC, and @AssafB THANK YOU for JTAC and patience. Thanks to all for hosting!
SPECTREF-14B132nd 108th-RTR7838
Pilot: Bear
2000Z OMAM
2200Z OMAM
Primary objective: TR: met
DARKSTAR132nd 176thC27841
Other Feedback
When taking off from an airfield that has no human ATC, please report in to AWACS as controllers tend to get jumpy when unknown contacts appear on the radar screen.
OMAM Al Dhafra132nd 176thATC7840
Event Sequence
Acted as twr and darkstar for Com-01 - Met
Other Feedback
When taking off from an airfield that has no human ATC, please report in to AWACS as controllers tend to get jumpy when unknown contacts appear on the radar screen.